Under the helmet

Real Name: 
Roberto Arias
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Team Affiliation: Avengers
Height: 6′
First Appearance: Avengers movie premiere, 2012

Roberto has always been a fan of the armored Avenger known as Iron Man, ever since he was a child watching the Iron Man animated show Roberto dreamed of one day having a suit of his own.

It wasn’t until RDJ wore the suit on the big screen for the first time that Roberto realized that a real life Iron man suit didn’t have to be a dream! It was within his reach, all he needed to do was buckle down, give up sleep, and build. A couple of months later and he had his first suit.

Over the years Roberto has built many other props and parts, helmets, other costumes, all the while upgrading his suit along the way. Since starting his adventure all those nights ago Roberto has amassed an awesome fanbase and has made many great friends along the way.

Though the suit has changed in many ways over the years, his passion and determination remains stronger than ever. Always striving for perfection, to be the best Iron Man he can be.